Flossie's Garden

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So, I've had this idea in my head for a while. I like to imagine sometimes a pretty garden filled with magical flowers and plants, a bright and sunny place, and although it rains sometimes, it's that lovely fresh spring rain that makes great puddles for jumping in.
I think of it as a place Florence might like. (Now i could go off on a tangent here about how I don't for one second believe she's in such a place, but I'll try not to spoil the moment)
This imaginary garden is my inspiration for the fabric designs I've been working on tentatively, and for the dress I recently designed in Florence's name.
Everyone who reads here knows how much I looked forward to creating for my little girl, and how much I miss being able to make for her, but she is still an inspiration to me, and I will try to honour her with my work.
I have plans in the pipeline, hopefully something to celebrate her birthday next month.
Meanwhile, I just want to say thank you so much for all your kind words on yesterday's post, you probably have no idea how scared I was putting up those designs.
Caroline honey, I would be honoured if you would name one of your knitwear designs after Florence.

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  1. I think they are beautiful, i'm in awe. And i understand you about your creativity going away in the face of it all, mine did too several years ago after the other thing - and i'm inspired by you to try and get it back in Freddie's name.

  2. So inspired by this post.

  3. Jeanette, I absolutely love the fabric design and the 'Flossie's Garden' banner and whatever you are intending to do with them, I know, will be both wonderfully creative and something which Florence would have been so proud of. It's no suprise you haven't been at your best creatively as you see it but ALL your 'making' posts over the last year have been inspiring to me, you continue to create the most beautiful designs and what more beaufiful muse could you have. Love as always xxx

  4. Thanks Jeanette - I'll run anything past you first anyway ;) xx

  5. Beautiful, Jeanette, so whimsical and pretty. I'm sure there are so many more beautiful designs to come, too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity and thoughts with us xx it's all the more beautiful in that we know it is, for Florence xx


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