A day at Grandma's

7:27 pm

Red Wharf Bay, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Today we decided to abandon the "to do" list and go see Grandma. We had lunch at Red Wharf Bay, sat in the sunshine, the children paddled, and Angus lived up to his reputation of behaving like an excitable labrador puppy, getting so wet and sandy he had to sit in the car in his underwear while his clothes dried out.
Sometimes, a day at the sea side is just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. yes agreed, the best medicine!

  2. Looks wonderful! Cept I keep reading "Red Dwarf Bay" !!

  3. oh the seaside is my favourite, i had a dream about my grandma last night, she gave me the hugest hug and i was so happy, then i realised she died in 1991 and that i was dreaming , sending love xxx

  4. Anonymous12:43 am

    Looks peacefull. And yes it can be just what the doctor orderes.

  5. Something about sea air that blows out the cobwebs for me, I understand why the Victorians used it as a tonic.
    Weather & beach look lovely. I love the comparison of a labrador! :)

  6. It looks beautiful!

    I love days at the seaside.

  7. Looks lovely. Glad you all had a good day x


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