Cleaning up my sewing space.

8:53 am

hat and mittens, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've been having a bit of a spring clean around here this week,I even cleaned out the dark,damp and full of frogs cellar on Monday.
Funny though,how easily distracted I get when cleaning up my sewing space.
I had earlier stolen the box all my fleece fabrics were stored in,to store some of the boys toys,so my desk was covered in a pile of fleece,mostly offcuts and scraps.
I started out sorting the useful scraps,but then realising some were Sid sized,I just had to run up a couple of things for him...after all I no longer had a box to store the fabric in!
Sid now has a hat and mittens to match his new coat,a stripey hoody and a very simple fleece sweater. Nothing fancy,but all useful.

stripey hoody

elmo sweater

I also managed to cut out fabric for new curtains for the boys bedroom,and do a jeans to skirt re con,but my sewing space still needs a good clean...oops!

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  1. O I love that bottom sweater - it's really nice! What pattern did you use? Needless to say I like the stripy hoody too but you already knew that, it being stripy ;-)

  2. I didn't use a pattern at all Cybele. I just kinda eyeballed it,as a result the neck on the blue sweater is a little large,but nothing too obvious to most people,I think.
    (I hope)


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