So I finally got the time to make...

4:05 pm corset! It's steel boned and well,it's bloomin fantastic! I think I need to wear corsets every day,cos without too much effort I'm 4" slimmer around my waist...heck I have a waist!
I'll own up and say some of the stitching is a bit under par,and I should've made a size smaller,plus I need to alter the pattern next time to fit my narrow ribcage,but those are all good lessons learned.
No pics so far,trying to figure out how to photograph it on without showing too much of me.I did ask Woody last night,but he was too easily distracted.
Off to order more corset making notions,can't believe I had everything to make this one for a year and only just got around to it!

ETA some pics,thankfully on my tailors dummy and not on me! These are not great pics,and honestly after a few days I've decided to take this corset apart and start again,I'm just not happy with the quality of my sewing,and that means I'll never be happy wearing it. (Oh and the sharp eyed amongst you will notice this corset is actually on upside down. I fitted it to me that way,and by the time I realised it was too late...doh!!)



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  1. pssssssssssssst, when its on you not the model,lace your corset from the middle! the fit is much better, more comfortable,easier to adjust & makes the corset 'sit' properly (hope you dont mind me saying, i just found your blog in passing, & i think for a first go this is a really good corset - i used to make them for a living & fully appreciate the effort that goes into them!)

  2. It's beautiful! Is it just for fashion or does it help you lose weight too?

  3. It's beautiful! Is it just for fashion or does it help you lose weight too?


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