Curtain making

8:52 am

I hate curtain making,and consequently all those making curtain calculations and rules just will not stick in my brain,so I prefer the "start cutting and sewing and see what happens method",which has always served me pretty well thank you very much.
I'm decorating the boys room this holiday and they need new curtains.I was going to make blinds,but Woody pointed out to me how irritated I get just straightening the one roman blind in Edens room,after she's opened it in a totally haphazzard way.The boys room has a huge bay window and I had planned to make four roman blinds each in a different colour (Minna twill from Ikea)....hmmm,he definately had a point!
In the spirit of recycling,I took down the current curtains,washed them,and cut the useful fabric (dark blue) out to use again. Then I cut out enough orange and enough green twill to make them long enough for the window...probably,I haven't actually measured them yet,but I have enough twill to add more if needed,I'm thinking red...
Finally,getting to the point,yesterday I tootled off to JL to buy some curtain tape,I didn't know what kind,but knew I'd know when I saw it,but I couldn't find it,so after a good 5 mins of looking I found an assisstant,who informed me that they keep the curtain tape under the counter...??
She wanted to know what kind I wanted,and was not impressed when I said I didn't know,but I'd know it when I saw it...which I did! Then she wanted to know how much I needed...hmmm good question! I hadn't even measured the window or the curtains I'd cut out. I pondered for a second and she started doing that horrible curtain stuff.."how many drops do you have?"...what does that mean? (And please don't tell me,I don't want to know!),that was when I explained to her that I am a "cut and sew kinda make it up as you go along kinda gal",and oh boy,I was not prepared for her reaction!!
Instead of admiring my cavalier and I like to think creative (!) curtain making method, she actually rolled her eyes at me and laughed! Not a cheery laugh either, a sneery laugh!
I admit I felt hurt,and wanted to blurt out something like "hey,ok I don't really know what I'm doing with curtain making,but see this outfit I'm wearing,I made 90% of it,I can too there!!!"...instead,I just mumbled something about my methods working for me in the past,paid for my tape,and shuffled out of the store feeling fed up.
(Oh and incase you are wondering I bought waaay too much tape,but it's better to have too much than too little isn't it?)

To cheer myself up when I got home,I started work on an Amy Butler tunic.

almost finished Amy Butler tunic

Awful pic,and it's not quite finished yet either.

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