Happy Easter

8:24 am

easter morning, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

This is the scene that greeted me from our bedroom window at 6am this morning. Angus was more excited about the snow than his chocolate egg!
We don't get much snow here usually,and I have mixed feelings about snow in March. The magnolia tree in my neighbours garden is usually blooming by now ( usually in time for Angus' birthday),but I don't think it will like this weather.
I love spring and the blooming of the Magnolia tree is always such a joy...I wish I could move it to my garden!
We've had a busy weekend so far.

styal mill

Friday Angus asked to go to Styal Mill for his birthday treat. He loves the enormous waterwheel. Infact all of us love to go around the mill and the grounds,it's not often we all agree on a day out,but Styal Mill seems to tick a box or two for everyone in the family.

my silly lot

Sid was worn out after a couple of hours.

very tired baby

and rather cross

I have managed a little sewing this weekend. Remember the wrap around lounge pants I made a while back? Well,they just drove me potty.They flapped around,and fell down,and were impossible to go to the loo or sleep in,so yesterday I cut both pairs down into pyjama bottoms for the girls.


Today is a DIY day...bluerghhhhhh!!!!!

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  1. I remember Styal Mill ;-) Lovely place.
    Snow here too this morning - still snowing now (lunchtime) but thawing too.
    I like India's bag by the way, did she make it herself? She's beginning to look very grown-up!

  2. All our snow has gone now,it was even melting when I took that pic at 6 this morning.
    India's bag was a birthday gift a few years back,it is lovely isn't it.I think it's from Monsoon.
    She is growing up so quickly.
    That photo was taken in the same spot as the photo of all the kids we took when we went there together a couple of summers ago,remember?


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