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This is the results of Sunday's shopping....well some of it!
I actually bought two vintage dresses from the late 1960's,one to cut up,and one for a friend. One vintage skirt from the same era,also to re fashion,lots of
yummy buttons,and some lace bobbins.I don't make lace,but I was always really fascinated by the lace my school needlework teacher constantly had on the go,and seeing the pretty bobbins for sale,I knew I had to buy some.
The fair itself was just great,much busier than I expected,but India and I had a lovely time.I came away feeling inspired,and India is one step closer to becoming a fabric junkie!
I had taken her along to keep me in check.I explained if Mummy started to get a glazed crazy expression,and start foaming at the mouth it was time to leave,but India was worse than me,weaving through the crowds to point out little sparkly bits of embroidery or a jewel like button.
We eventually rang Daddy to come and pick us up after our shopping bag was full and we only had enough money left to buy a well earned cup of tea for me and an orange juice for her.
I'm sure we missed out a few stalls.I deliberately avoided the stalls piled high with beautiful antique quilts,their faded beauty was soo enticing,but I knew we couldn't afford them,so admiring from a distance was best.There was also a stall selling sumptuous wool blankets,and again I felt it best to admire from a distance.
One stall,we couldn't get close to had on display the most beautiful hand made pieces.The colours drew me in initially,but we just couldn't beat our way through the throngs to get close enough to find out who the designer was,but I'm googling like mad till I find her,so will report back.(Why didn't I buy a programme?)
Looking forward to next year!

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