You've gotta love fleece!

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sids new coat, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Actually I'm not much of a fleece fan usually,but I found this lime green malden mills windpro fleece at the bottom of my fabric stash the other day and determined to make something useful with it. I seem to remember it wasn't exactly cheap when I bought it about 6 years ago.
Sadly Sid has grown out of his lovely corduroy coat,and an accident with a large muddy puddle which meant it had to be washed hotter than the wool lining could cope with meant that it was no longer looking it's best,so this afternoon I determined to run him up a quick spring coat.
I didn't use a pattern,and simply cut a very simple T shape....the only seams are the underarm and side seams,plus the one attatching the hood.
The good thing about fleece is there's no need to neaten seams,no need to press (I finger press as I go along),and any top stitching simply sinks into the fabric,so you really don't have to be that neat either,snaps finish off the coat and also attatch and fasten the scarf....a great project for a lazy Easter afternoon,and cheered me up no end after I spent the morning painting the skirting boards you can see behind Sid in the picture!

sids new coat2

feeding the ducks

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  1. That's lovely - and it looks toasty warm!! Is it fully lined, or did you just do cuffs for roll-back-ability?

  2. See, that's why the rest of us LOVE fleece - no pressing, no topstitching, etc etc ;)

    Very cute coat and I LOVE the snaps!

  3. Hi Vicki, yes it's fully the weather warm up now I've made this!

    LOL yes Phyllis,maybe I should love fleece more!


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