Another label design

10:58 am

Another label design, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I guess no one would ever use me as an example of a good business woman. This is my fourth label design for my Zidee range. I just haven't really found anything I love yet.
I've just ordered a fat quarter of this label from Spoonflower, where I had my last lot of labels printed. Let's see how they turn out. No doubt I'll change my mind again in a few months!

I also couldn't resist ordering a few more fat qtrs of my dahlia stems design,. Spoonflower have now got fancy repeat options when you order, and after having a little play with them,I just had to order my blue dahlia in half step and mirror repeats, plus my original white dahlia stems in half step repeats. That's gonna save me so much time faffing about with photoshop like I usually do.

Right must put the credit card away *now*

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