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Valentine, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I meant to post this on Saturday,but upon opening the scanner I was greeted with shards of broken glass...I guess that happened when I caught Sid jumping up and down on it the other day!
This is a scan of a Valentine card I made for Woody waaaay back when we were first dating 16 years or so ago. It actually hangs in a frame above our PC next to a framed baby footprint. (India's).
I have been having a play with this image,and might possibly use it as inspiration for another project, just not entirely sure what yet.

Actually I've been rather grumpy and more than a little narky and dare I say bitchy lately, which my poor friend Mary would testify to, I'm sure...sorry Mary!

I know it's really rather pathetic,but I'm pretty certain I can put much of my mood down to *still* not having the new needleplate for my sewing machine...and I guess those pregnancy hormones don't help much either!

Talking of pregnancy hormones, I had to have a little cry yesterday when my "baby" boy had his first haircut.

My baby boy's new haircut.

(you can see before pics if you click on this one)

Time for breakfast I think.

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  1. Lovely Picture, I love it.

    Big hugs for being a narky lady...I so know how you feel. I'm a real grumpy puss because of my hormones.

    I hope it passes soon for you xxx

  2. Lovely card - I am always in awe of your artist talent!

    To be fair I would be narky as well if I had been waiting about a month for a new needle plate! I do hope it arrives soon for you!

  3. ahh, bless Sid - lovely photo. Lovely artwork too, you create lovely things. I hope you feel less narky soon....I get very irritable myself with hormones both PG and otherwise. I have the mermaids pod and I LOVE it, I adored it when Souad was showing it a couple of years ago and now I actually own it!


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