Something more cheery.

5:11 pm

Perfect for my knitting too., originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Made myself a little bag this afternoon. I used this tutorial. The fabric is a scrap of japanese wool mix lined with blue/brown silk.
My knitting fits in perfectly..and yes that's going well too, after lots of false starts.

Something to cheer me up.

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  1. Ohh, I love that fabric!

    I hope your knitting continues to go well!

  2. Wow looks like you're motoring with that knitting! That is a cute bag. Reminds me of a Japanese knot bag I fancied having a go at. xxx

  3. You're obviously more natural at knitting than you claim...that pattern doesn't look simple to me ;)

    S x

  4. love the bag, the fabric and love the knitting, looks like it'll be beautiful and I look forward to seeing your baby modelling it!!


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