If at first you don't succeed...

10:12 am

... This will be the Zimmermann February Baby Sweater, it may not be completed until this baby is 21,but I'm not gonna give up, however tempting it might be! I've got as far as 4" into this, and each time managed to mess up and have to start again. I just can't see why I'm messing up,it's a simple pattern,yet my brain just wanders off and one wrong stitch here or there and the whole pattern is off. I try frogging back to the mistake,but each time get more confused and end up ripping out the whole thing in frustration!
I think I've said before how I'm simply not a natural knitter.
Maybe it's indicative of my general state of mind right now? The grey February skies are getting me down, and tragic as it is I'm really missing my sewing machine...the needleplate is on it's way from Sweden, I think it's coming on the back of a very slow reindeer (do they have reindeer in Sweden?)

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  1. talking of zimmerman baby sweaters - there is a sweet one here:

  2. oh Caroline, thanks for that link, that is gorgeous! Now to get my hands on the pattern.

  3. I love the February baby jacket, it's so sweet for both a baby boy and a baby girl. There is a Zimmermania blog if you're interested...
    If you lived anywhere nearer me, I'd be happy to lend you my machine, as it is it's just gathering dust!

  4. Cybele, def interested in a Zimmermann blog. It was you that introduced me to her in the first place. ;0)
    Bless you re the sewing machine, I really do feel quite bereft about it.


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