That's better !

5:38 pm

That's better, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Why oh why oh why do maternity jeans these days come with teeny tiny skimpy jersey panels that just ride down and only ever really fit ..well I dunno, who do they fit?
Sooo, anyway, I ripped off the rubbish one that was on these jeans and replaced it with a lovely comfy generous one with growing room too.
Yeah I know, I'm showing my age, but as I rapidly approach 40 (!!) my poor pregnant body needs comfort!

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  1. Lovely bump - and very comfy jeans ;-)

  2. aww looks cute! maternity jeans are a pain!


  3. You can't beat comfy maternity jeans! I had a pair like that when I was pregnant with my first and loved them!

  4. Oh so with you on this. First time around I would never dream of wearing jeans like those but being PG at nearing 40 now then comfort comes first ;-)


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