Happy When It Rains

10:21 am

It's raining today. I like the rain, I can pull up my scarf over my nose, and tilt my umbrella to hide my eyes. I don't have to talk to anyone, and everyone is rushing by, so they don't expect me to stop and talk anyway.

Something is bothering me, something someone said.She didn't mean it to bother me, she has issues of her own and I think was merely protecting herself. A harmless comment really, people make those to pregnant women all of the time, but this pregnant woman is fragile, more fragile than she wants to admit, and the comment hurt.

I guess I'm gonna get a lot more of those too.

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  1. Yes, I think so. I think there will be more comments, and I'm so sorry about that Jeanette. I've both given and received those sorts of comments and it just doesn't feel good at all. Lots of love. It's raining here too. x

  2. No rain here, just a sandstorm. Sometimes I miss the Manchester rain. Sorry your feelings got hurt Jeanette xxx

  3. No rain here a very blustery sunny spring day. The type where you notice the bulbs punching through the ground hinting of nicer things to come. We had a ladybird on the kitchen window this morning & I thought of you and Florence.

  4. People do say strange things in response to somebody's pregnancy, some things really do sting and it's hard to ignore them when pregnancy feelings are so shaky and raw. I'm hoping this person was just unthinking and the next time you meet, she will be comforting and her hurtful remark will replaced by kindness. Very best wishes xxxxx

  5. I'm sorry. I can only imagine how fragile it must all feel right now. People, myself included, do often speak without really engaging their brains first.

    Love the song. A real blast from the past. xo

  6. I haven't heard that song in a long time!! There has been a lot of rain in Vermont the last few days. Sorry someone made a comment that is bothering you. xx

  7. wishing happiness and peace for you and your family whatever the weather brings x

  8. I worry so much about saying things like this, not just to you Jeanette but all the time.... things seem to come out of my mouth all wrong if I am worried about upsetting someone, and then I berate myself for a long time afterwards. It feels dreadful and of late I tend to say nothing or speak v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y! Sometimes I manage to repair the damage but other times it doesn't seem worth dragging it up to talk abut it, and I just have to hope that the person I might have upset can understand that my intention was good.

    It's so sweet and compassionate of you that you can see the fragility in the person who made a hurtful remark to you, when your need to be understood and protected from other people's issues wasn't met.

    hugs to you XX


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