OK, I pondered...

12:33 pm

..and I'm impatient, so I'm listing here a few cut out ready to sew items from my UFO basket that someone else might have more use for than me.

Firstly lunchbags:
One brown lady bird corduroy with blue corduroy lining.
One pale beige/blue printed cotton with pale blue corduroy lining.

These are not complete, you need to sew them up using the lunchbag tutorial instructions in my side bar over on the left. They do not include an insulating layer, and you need to supply a button.

Next, Bucket Style Bags

Just like this one.

One in mixed green/brown florals (chocolate lollipop), with natural lining
One in blue floral (park slope), with natural lining
One in lovely beige, and pale blue cotton, with pale blue corduroy lining.

Again, you need to sew these yourself. They are pretty straightforward, though I'm not at all inclined to write out instructions, so if you want one of these then you'll need some sewing knowledge.

Lastly, Pinafores, just like the ones in my previous post.

Petrol blue, size 12-18 mths, with large flower applique pieces.

Green, size 18-24 mths, with large flower applique pieces.

Sorry guys, but again, no instructions, but fairly obvious to anyone with a little sewing experience. You will need bias binding for the arm holes and neck opening, and you will need either snaps or buttons to fasten the back of the dress.

OK, that's it, if anyone wants any of this stuff, just leave me a comment, I'll work on a first come first served principle for these,and sorry guys UK mainland only cos I'm gonna go bankrupt from postal charges otherwise. Please don't ask for more than one item.

And yeah, I know I said no instructions for the bucket storage and the dresses, but I might stertch to an order of work at the very least.

Come on, help me clear out my craft space!

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. oh I'll post on here too - lol

    any of the bags or lunch bags would be great thanks xx

  2. Could I have the ladybug lunch bag please?

  3. Hi Jeanette,

    Can i have a lunch bag, the first bag and a dres 12-18 please

    Ally xx

  4. ooops it helps if i read the whole post....i'm happy to pay postage!! if not and i'm only allowed one can i have the first bag (not the lunch bag)??


  5. Ooh a bucket bag please (any!) and I'm happy to pay postage if you need me to :D

  6. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Oh, you're so sweet!
    I'd love one of the pinafores, preferably the green one. Of course I'll pay the postage or the difference to Germany or whatever you ask for ;-)

  7. Hi its Mummyto4

    I'd love any of the lunch bags or the bucket bags please xxxx

  8. Oh my a bucket bag would be loved & well used if there is one spare.
    Happy to pay postage as well

  9. Thanks Guys all gone now!


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