7:46 am

Other peoples dreams are just never that interesting, but last night I dreamed of Florence. She was dressed in pretty clothes, asleep in a shoe box in a cupboard. I found her, and she was warm and breathing, so I thought I'd better bathe her and nurse her, and wondered how I could've neglected her for all this time.
Then she was gone again, and Woody said it was ok, he'd left her asleep on the windowsill next to the open bathroom window...
Later, she was a toddler on my hip and she called me Mummy, and I said "where's Daddy?", She pointed across at Woody and smiled.
I guess it's pretty clear what's going on in my head right now. x

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  1. Just wanted to send you my thoughts, Florence is just letting you know that she will always be with you. She knows she will never be forgotten xxxx

  2. When a babylost mama dreams of their missing baby, I am interested. I never dream of Hope. I think I only have once or twice.
    I wish I did.

  3. Take comfort; Florence is always near and always will be. You are doing *so* well. Just keep doing it; one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

    All will be well and all manner of things will be well. Sending you warm wishes from one mama to another.

  4. Sally, I've rarely dreamed of Florence, and when I have she has always been a newborn, and not alive, always eyes shut. The toddler part of last nights dream surprised me, and I know the baby in my dream wasn't so much how I would imagine Florence to be, but a toddler I held on my hip last week...dreams are silly sometimes. x

  5. I don't think dreams are always silly.

    Maybe Florence was giving you a sign that this baby is and will be fine and he'll grow to be that toddler on your hip.

    Your angel will always be with you and a part of your new little man too.

    Hugs xxx

  6. I've had very few dreams of Freddie, only 2 while pregnant and just a couple since. Lots of birth or about to have dreams but not many of him.

    A very, very long time ago, a year or so after my friend died, I dreamt I was driving down the road he was killed on and when I reached the site of the accident, there was a huge stone wall and I couldn't get passed. A while later I dreamt I went to a halls of residence and met him there, said goodbye and left him behind, trying not to notice bars on the windows and the knowledge he could never leave, but walking away free.

    I think, retrospectively, I stopped grieving after that dream, at least actively.

  7. Lots of love and strength for the next few weeks xxx

  8. Keep hanging on we are all rooting for you and there will be shouts of joy when this wee chap puts in an appearance.

    Florence too will always be remembered, it must be very hard for you right now, I cannot imagine how you are all holding it together.

    with love and prayers, San xxxx


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