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I don't much like gift wrapping. I always have these great ideas in my head, but generally end up with crinkly paper and huge globs of sticky tape.
Then there's the whole waste thing....
Yesterday someone posted this link on one of the forums I use, and I decided to give it a go.
So quick and easy and effective, and most importantly I get these fat quarters of Shade Garden back, cos I used them to wrap Ernest's pressies.

Recycled wrapping

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  1. They look so pretty!

    I hate the waste with wrapping presents and if I thought the fabric wouldn't be thrown away I would love to do this as well!

    (I remember my nan making us open presents carefully so she could have the paper back to re-use! Now my mum sticks to gift bags and asks for them to be re-used! LOL!)

  2. What a great way to wrap your gifts. They look lovely!

    Thinking of you as Christmas approaches xx

  4. how fun...I love it.

  5. What a gorgeous way to wrap.

  6. Lovely .. wish I hadn't wrpped everything last night now!!! And now I know where you get some of your gorgeous fabrics!


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