Spruce Up

1:42 pm

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Ernest is mostly worn, but sometimes we use the pram. Winter is well and truly here, and not relishing the idea of spending £85 on the buggy snuggle that fits the Xplory, and not having the time to sew something from scratch, my lovely friend (and thankfully hoarder) Mary sent me over a gorgeous little warm baby nest that fitted perfectly. Only problem was the colour didn't quite work with the purple of the pram. (guess who forgot to take before pics.)
So, using an inexpensive fleece blanket I'd bought from Ikea, initially intending to use it to make India a hoody, I re covered the baby nest and we now have a lovely bright buggy snuggle.
There is still enough fabric left for India's hoody,but she's reluctant to wear anything that matches the pram...oops!

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  1. It looks so much better now! I would never have thought to cover it!

  2. Those Ikea blankets are great to stock up on, aren't they? We bought several at 99p each recently, determined to make something (still haven't found enough hands-free time yet though...). Well done - it looks gorgeous!

  3. What an adorable photo. And an adorable baby, too.

  4. Oh, how lovely!! Little one and the buggy snuggle.

    Hope you are doing ok? I've not been checking in as often as I usually do, been trying to finish some handmade stuff for Christmas; home educating Benedict also keeps me on my toes!

    What a great use for Ikea blankets, you've now got me thinking!!

    Hugs San x


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