Some thank yous, and a winner.

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Thank you to everyone who has sent us cards and ornaments this year.
I love it when I open a card to see Florence included in some way, and one of my friends managed to even make me chuckle with her card and ponderings on how to include Florence. (I think you know who you are, thank you, you made me smile. I know how you and yours think of Florence often.)

This gorgeous snow globe came from a very special friend, and this is staying up all year round. I give it a little shake every time I pass it and send a little "hello" off into the Universe. Love you Hev. x

This felted ornament was made by another blogger, Sad Kitty as part of the ornament swap organised by Jenny. I love it.
This was such great project to take part in. I enjoyed making the ornament for my swapee, and almost forgot I was going to receive one too. A lovely way to connect with grieving parents around the world, and hopefully pass on a little hope between us all.

This lovely little dove came from another speciial friend, thank you Lisa. x

These hang together with the ornament we bought for Florence this year, a porcelain heart from this seller on Etsy. I also couldn't resist a few little pieces from her for the children's stockings too, check her out.

And of course the ornaments bought, and made, and gifted to us last year.
India said soon, we'll have just Florence ornaments for Christmas.
It goes without saying, (but I will) that we all wish we had more.

Tomorrow, we will take roses and a Christmas balloon to Florence's grave, and we will carry in our hearts all of the babies and families we know who are missing their precious children this Christmas and always.


And now for a winner! Using the chosen winner of the little pinafore is commenter number 6, Just Me.
There are no contact details for you in your profile honey, so I'm really hoping you see this. email me jeanette dot archer at gmail dot com with your contact details and I'll get the dress off in the post after the holidays.

Love and Light to all my readers this Christmas. x

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  1. Thinking of you all over Christmas xxx

  2. Sending you and all the other babylost mamas special christmas wishes.

  3. beautiful ornaments jeannette, thanks so much for all of your kind and supportive words over this past year, i hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday time together xxx anne

  4. Merry Christmas hon

    so lovely to see your ornaments

    Florence is remembered here too (((hugs)))

  5. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Beautiful ornaments. And congrats to Just me for winning.

  6. Beautiful. I hope you have a lovely day even if with the sadness. Much love from the Greeno Family. xxx


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