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As my real life friends know only too well, my lounge has been in dire need of face lift for some time, and this weekend I finally made a start on the long list of "to dos".
I started with the blinds. These blinds have been upcycled so many times now, I think I might deserve some sort of recyclers award!
They started life as curtains twelve years ago when we moved here.
We moved from a two up two down terrace, with tiny windows, so were not prepared for large bay windows, and the previous owners had taken the curtains with them.
We bought the only pair of ready made curtains we could find that fitted our non standard sized window. The only pair we could afford at the time, and in a hurry. They were honestly a bit blah!
Soon realising that we were not going to be able to afford full length and generously gathered curtains for this window, I decided to make the curtains into roman blinds.
We lived with those until about six years ago when I re covered them with teal and brown silk.
And now, I've removed the teal and brown silk, replaced the cords, and any broken rings, and re covered this time with Joel Dewberry fabric and dupion silk.
So, four incarnations from one set of boring high street curtains, that's pretty impressive "make do and mending" I think!

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  1. Ok.. how about you come over to my place and we talk curtains.. because I would LOVE to be able to do what you do with a sewing machine!
    Beautiful work!

  2. Lovely! I have to do something similar with our living room too - perhaps there should be a decorate-along!

  3. Finally watched still life video you are one brave and lovely mama, i cried with you.

    Time will continue to heal if my Nan were still here she would tell you that, my aunty Pauline her last baby lived for 15 minutes. My being born a year later was part of that continued healing process.

    Love San x x


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