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I've never been very good at making dolls, my attempt today to make the little doll from Anna Maria Horner's book , Handmade Beginnings, was nothing short of a disaster. I shoved the poor lumpy bumpy strangely alien looking baby in the bag of toy stuffing , but Ernest fished her out, exclaimed "Teddy", gave her a kiss and toddled off with her!

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  1. Oh Jeanette, that third picture of him his stunning. Those eyes...what a darling!

  2. That's so funny. You can never steer them away from a beloved found object either. Oscar 'found' a small pink vanity case, with a travel hairdryer and brush in it and has claimed it as his own. The £15 Disney store Pirates Of The Caribbean bag is lying abandoned and the hideous little pink thing HAS to come everywhere. You will have to own up to making it too lol. Such is life.

  3. You can never predict what a child will decide to love. Ernest is such a cutie and in these pictures you can see that he's got some hair growing too. (My babies both had lots of hair so I have a fascination with bald babies.)


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