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....You need to say "Sod it" to the housework, and the to do list, put on your wellies and head for the woods. Which is exactly what we did this afternoon.
We went on one of our fave walks in Styal, Quarry Bank Mill. The walk is just long enough to run off boy energy, and get everyone refreshed.
Yep, I've still got an untidy house, but it was worth it.




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  1. Lovely pictures Jeanette, specially the ones of the girls - they're both growing up so fast!

  2. I love that your big girls will still come on stomps in the great outdoors with you. I also need Eden's hat, tell me you didn't make it!?

  3. Your children are so gorgeous, as are you. Xo

  4. What do you mean, sometimes?! I was amazed today - I took the girls to the playground and it was empty! On a sunny day in halfterm. Oh well, maybe we've shared our stomach bug around the locals then *blush*

  5. I shouldn't be surprised that your children are so utterly gorgeous - after all, you are! Glad you had a good outing.

  6. OK Jeanette.. seriously! I cannot get over them.. cannot! What a perfect outing!

  7. Look how big they are getting, the summer sun must have had the sunflower effect on them lol. Although I hate being in a messy house I sometimes do the same, especially with Oscar. I feel better able to tackle things when I have blown the cobwebs away.
    Lovely photos

  8. What a beautiful family! I ALWAYS pick fun over housework :) Looks like you had plenty of fun.

  9. Beautiful kids, beautiful pictures!

    And I love "sod it!" I have never heard that over here in the US...keep on teaching us proper English! :)

    Cathy in Missouri

  10. They are all so gorgeous, beautiful pictures and sounds like a fab day.


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