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I'm really struggling with priorities at the moment. I seem to be involved in several different projects all at once on top of the general mumming of five lively children, which really is a full time job on it's own, and obviously my family are my number one priority.
My mind skips about from one barely finished, or in some cases barely started project to another, and I long for some peace, a moment to sit and read something other than the speed reading of an email or forum post. I dream of sitting feet up in my jammies with a cuppa and watching an old movie without any disturbances,(except maybe a cuddle or two) or having time to finally cast on that sweater for Ernest...
My sweet beautiful full of life Ernest, who is the busiest of all of my children, even Eden. I remember feeling Florence tumbling about in my belly and thinking how she'd be the busy one, a gymnast like Eden, never still.
Ernest though, he climbs,he climbs bookshelves, he climbs over the backs of chairs, he climbs the stairs,onto steps and into the sink....he's even wriggly when he sleeps.


He managed to pull my pump over the other day and snap off some fairly crucial parts, that was a moment or two of horror for Woody and I. We bodged it together and have some replacement parts on the way thankfully.

Playing in the sink on 365 Project

Of course, he's adorable, my little thrill seeker, and possibly the best excuse for falling behind with everything else.

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  1. Go Ernest! he really reminds me of my youngest boy - who has been climbing the stairs from 6 months old and now at not quite 2 is tackling the climbing wall at our local park...
    We have a set of photos very similar to your bookcase ones
    He is such a bundle of energy & I love to see him in action but it is exhausting...

  2. Is he wearing a Hema top in the top photo Jeanette? He looks nice in it! (I'm going again in November if you want anything else!)

  3. Pip has been indoor mountain climbing since she was ten months old! It's pretty pointless having the hall safety gate since she deftly hangs onto the bannister and swings her legs up and over the other side!!

    It is exhausting so big hugs to you.

    San xx

  4. We've got ourselves a climber, too! Ernest is so gorgeous.

  5. Totally the best reason to fall behind but still utterly exhausting, hope you manage to find some space for you amidst the bust weekend......mummying teens and babes is a very full time job xxx

  6. oops busy not bust!

  7. Oh he is just adorable. :) looking forward to meeting him someday soon.

  8. I love his precocious nature, what an absolute gift he is. love to you all


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