Stitching back together

11:46 am

Heart on 365 Project

I made this little heart way back when I was first pregnant with Florence, and when I was nesting later in my pregnancy I hung it on the door of her little cupboard that I'd painted for her, and had filled with clothes and nappies and all things newborn.
It's been hanging there all this time, but some of the stitches had come loose, and the stuffing was falling out. I'd look at it each time I pulled out an outfit or nappy for Ernest, but I didn't take it upstairs and fix it.
Today, I took it upstairs and stitched it back together, I used slightly mismatched thread, no one will notice, but I know.

Puffin at Penmon on 365 Project

I've been trying, and mostly failing to catch up with all the little jobs around here that have been neglected. One of them was to finally hang this painting. My mother in law bought this in memory of Florence just after she was born, but not thinking straight I simply shoved it in a cupboard. I unearthed it recently (along with another gift from that time.) read the inscription on the back and decided to hang it above Florence's cupboard in the children's bathroom. It looks rather sweet up there I think.

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  1. It looks lovely.

    I'm steeling myself to finish the back of Freddie's blanket. Isn't it funny the things that take time to do, that are difficult for no sensible reason?

  2. What a beautiful little heart and painting. That piece mismatched thread made my own heart ache.

  3. I started a cross stitch for Emma when I was 34 weeks pregnant - a birth sampler. I still haven't finished it ...

    I love Florence's heart - and the metaphor of the mismatched thread. That is how it is.

  4. Hugs lovely. I don't know how you do it. I tend to stay away from things which I know will make me wobble, but I guess there comes a time when you have to tackle things. I remember the little heart from reading your blog from that time, and its still lovely hanging on the cupboard.

  5. That's beautiful. The mismatched thread and the stitching of the heart back together. It speaks volumes. A beautiful and tender wee post. x

  6. Beautiful. Love her little heart with the mismatched thread. And the picture is just lovely, too.

  7. Beautiful, Jeanette. I finally put some family photos in frames this week and hung them. They include pictures of Hope. I have only had one picture of her on display up until now. Feels nice to have more Hope around me now.

  8. Lovely painting.. and a precious little heart made for a precious little girl.

  9. i love the little heart, i made an owl similar size after harvey died for the christmas tree, well i ended up making 15 of them, gave them to various friends and the rest hang as bunting above dots cot. i love the little symbols around the house that only we recognise as our children. the painting looks lovely too and i love the mismatched thread also. i haven't been around for a long time but i am endeavoring to become part of the community again xxx anne, harvey and dots mum

  10. for some reason i can't leave a comment with my wordpress blog name where i am blogging now. it is raisingdot@wordpress

  11. beautiful. i like the idea of having something to continue to care for and mend in memory of florence.


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