Half Term Day 2 and Day 3

12:03 pm

Ernest, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

This little monkey was ready for the day at 4am this morning, and boy I'm feeling it right now at midday.
Yesterday was a strange day. India babysat the older children while Woody,Ernest and I went to a family funeral.
With Ernest's recent tantrumming we were very nervous, but he thankfully was quiet, and actually quite impressed with the organ music and even joined in with some of the singing.
He made up for it later at home though, and pretty much screamed all afternoon, until he'd worn himself out by 6pm and fell asleep...hence the 4am start today!

I'm hoping he'll nap this afternoon, and maybe I can get on with something constructive.

I have at least got one shot of the kids together to share. I've lost track of the weeks, and suspect I'm a week behind, but here it is anyway, clearly still a long way to go to get that perfect family portrait.

week 6

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  1. That is SUCH a beautiful family portrait - maybe not perfect, but really lovely!

  2. Oh but he has such a sweet face... love the group shot.

    San xx

  3. I think it's a great shot. Very candid and everyday life. Togetherness for the food ritual. That's family.
    And I see her there, your Florence, her bunny. x

  4. I think it is a great family portrait!

    Hope Ernest had a nap for you!


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