Half Term Day One

5:43 pm

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I do love school holidays, got a lie in till 7am!
The big boys were invited on a play date, Eden went off to the cinema and that left India, Ernest and me home to try out our new DIY wrap and make a start on a friends well overdue birthday gift.

The wrap has yet to be hemmed, this was just a try on, which promptly sent Ernest right off to sleep.

A sleep he desperately needed. We have well and truly entered the toddler tantrum phase, and it's hard,really really hard.
I'm out of practice. My big girls were both championship tantrummers, but Angus and Sid were placid toddlers. Ernest gets so frustrated and angry and works himself up into such a horrible state.
Of course, I'm convinced if only I could nurse him, it'd be different, which doesn't help much.
Any tips on coping with toddler tantrums gently, very welcome.

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  1. Lol, no comments so far, no advice then? Darn, I was looking for tips. I wish I had friends to make me pressies as nice as yours, even the fabric on its own is gorgeous haha.

  2. good luck with those toddler moments... i dont have any great tips - distraction? Sometimes we just dissolve into giggles because DD just tends to lie on the floor and wail/thrash about - which just makes us laugh....

  3. Hmm... Pip was great until she reached three and now she can yell and shout rather complex sentences without drawing a breath!!! Complete with hand on hip and finger wagging... can't think where she gets THAT from!! Oh, Dear!

    Love your DIY wrap and baby wearing coat, I soo miss those days.

    Hugs San xx

  4. I wouldn't presume to offer you advice really - you are one of the people I look up to as a parent, because I think you are an amazing mum. All I can say is what I do with Toby, which is to validate his feelings. When he tantrums, I tend to just repeat as calmly and simply as I can, "You are sad because ..... I am sorry." Dunno if it's the words or the soothing tone of voice but it seems to work (sometimes).

  5. Keep Calm and Carry on! would be the advice from me, a little bit of distraction if possible but it is a hard age as they get frustrated, hopefully it will pass soon.....I have a kind of theory that they are either hard work as teenagers or toddlers - so hopefully you are just getting his hard work bit over now? Enjoy half term xx

  6. Also lurking for tips! And like Jill, I look up to you far, far too much as a mother to offer any advice whatsoever.

    You have my sympathy though. Jessica isn't a tantrummer as such but she is very, very stubborn. And busy. Typically micro-preemie according to the midwives although I don't know if there is any truth in that, I think she just came that way! She always has 'a plan' and WOE betide you if you stand in the way of carrying out the plan. Even if her plan is to flood the kitchen like it was this morning!

    It's just so hard to see them work themselves up into a big old mess and be unable to offer any consolation or to calm them down. I hope that grace is right and Jessica will be a lovely teenage. I was awful so I'm not looking forward to the teenage years! Bet my mum will be laughing at me!


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