Half Term Day 4

4:37 pm

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Today Woody is home, and we've had a house full of children. I love a lunch time with everyone squashed around the dining table, a big pot of soup, home made bread and lots of chatter!

This photo was taken yesterday. Ernest finally gave in to nap time at around 2pm, when India took him for a walk in his buggy and his new buggy cosy.
I've been meaning to make him a new cosy since he outgrew last years, but just haven't found the time, so we've been managing with blankets.
On Saturday though I bought a fleece blanket from Ikea for £9.99 with the intention of making it into a buggy cosy for him, and here it is, super super simple no sew buggy cosy.

No sew buggy cosy

I simply folded the blanket in half lengthways, and then in half again, and then I added resin snaps down each side, making a sort of snapped together bag.

I tucked this into the pram, where I felt around to find where the buggy straps were, and simply cut slits for them, (fleece doesn't fray) and then I unsnapped a few of the top snaps to create a space for Ernest to snuggle into.
I needn't have put snaps along the whole length, but this way I can lengthen the cosy as Ernest grows, so it should fit for some time.
It might not be the most perfect buggy cosy, but it's warm, it works, it was inexpensive and most importantly for me right now, it only took me ten minutes to put together. Oh yes, and being fleece it will wash and dry overnight if it gets dirty, and it will!

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  1. Aww - he looks very snuggle - and the blue stripe matches his eyes ;-)

  2. Ernest looks so snug and cosy in there!
    I'd been meaning to comment about tantrums... when my youngest was having tantrums one way I used to deal with them was just to sit down with him on my lap and hold on to him really tightly. It seemed to work at helping him calm down.
    Enjoy what's left of the half-term x

  3. I bought a dotty rainbow fleece for £3 today to 'make something' with. Might try this!


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