Half Term Day 5

4:29 pm

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Today we have mostly been in the garden, or at least Woody and I have.
Ernest came out for a while, but after falling in the mud one too many times he went back inside to the warm.
Woody and I have been tidying up in preperation for spring, and veg planting time.

I also tidied Florence's little garden. I was going to cut back the dead flower heads from her hydrangea, but they looked so pretty with their lacey leaves and droplets of rain, so I've left them a little longer.

Angus is happy, I found seven footballs scattered around the garden!
He'll be less happy in a couple of weeks though when I re seed the lawn, and he wont be able to play on it.

Isn't it funny how a day in the garden,covered in mud, with no make up on, and soggy from the drizzle can lift your spirits?

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  1. Do you let the chickens out in the garden? I was going to re-seed our grass but I think the chickens will just tear it up?!
    There is something lifting about doing a spot of gardening...it holds the promise of good things to come :)
    What are you planting to grow...I've had to trim my plans a bit for this year and sticking to strawberries for jam & eating along with tomatoes for sauce & chutnies.

  2. It really can, we are hoping to get out there at the weekend and breathe in some air. Have a nice weekend yourself.

  3. Sigh. Lifts my spirits just reading about it. Seems so...clean...somehow. Uncomplicated and clean.

    I know mud isn't clean. But that's how your post made me feel.

    Cathy in Missouri

    P.S. I'm so glad you left the hydrangea.

  4. Yes, we do let the chickens out, but not all day. They have a pretty big enclosure, so most days are in there, but we have some poultry netting and stakes that we use to make mini enclosures around the garden. They will follow a shaken bag of mealworms into the pen quite happily.
    I'd love to let them out more, but our garden isn't secure and lots of dogs around here. Haven't seen foxes in a while, but I'm too scared to risk it really.
    As for planting, not sure, def courgettes, we always do great with those, potatoes in deep pots,but otherwise we haven't decided.
    Cathy, yes clean mud, that's just how it feels!

  5. You're smart to keep those chickens protected.

    Dog and possum attacks here have killed all ours off, and I'm scared to get more because the neighbors STILL don't keep their dog in the yard, even after all the carnage.

    I'm still sad about those little dead chickens. Hope you can keep yours alive... :)

    Cathy in Missouri


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