Plea For Help! (Pinterest)

8:01 am

OK, I spend far too much time on Pinterest, but it's my pumping at the pc distraction. I've now been about 36 ish hours without Pinterest, because I can't log in! I know I'm still there, cos I can see my boards, but I can't pin anything.
I usually log in with facebook, but it says my facebook account is not associated with any account on Pinterest. And I can't log in any other way.
Someone out there must have an answer for me? Please???

Ok, little update; no luck trying to figure out the problem so I now have a new pinterest account and am in the process of  re pinning all my pins...this could take a while!
I've updated my follow me button over there on the left, so if you want to follow me click on it. x

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  1. Jeanette, not sure if this helps but I requested an invite to Pinterest earlier this week and was told it wouldn't take much more than a couple of days. I still haven't had anything, so it sounds as though they are having technical problems? I can still see someone's boards, but no sign of an invite!

  2. It's not letting me log in either!

  3. I can't get in either - despite it sending me notifications of some folks repinning my pins! very frustrating

  4. Oh, so it's not just me.... :0/

  5. oh no! it logged me out yesterday mid pinning but then was ok later

  6. Don't they have a help button on pinterest? Have you tried that - or twitter?

  7. this from their facebook page: Pinterest
    Hi pinners - if you have a board you've recently edited and now gives you an error message, your pins are safe and still located in your general Pins page on your profile! We're updating our cache data tonight so your boards will be back up-to-date. Thanks for your patience!
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  8. i had to log in using my username and password instead of my fb account. worth giving it a go

  9. Im having same issues and been going for days... logged a request a few days ago & no response yet. people are still following & re-pinning me, but I cant do any activity - frustrating!

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