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Had a lovely morning at a local quilt exhibition with my friend Mary. I've always avoided getting too interested in quilts because I have no time for any new skills, but some of the quilts I saw today were inspirational.
And of course, there were stalls selling fabric.

I was very restrained (being skint helps), and I only bought this little bundle of beautiful 1930's prints.

Not sure yet, what it will become, maybe I should make a quilt.....

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  1. Did you go to the Montague patchers? The material would make a lovely quilt, just simple squares would be quick.

  2. We did, are you going?

  3. Went yesterday. Such lovely work, my fav things were the little "pictures" at the back on the left. Took a few snaps for inspiration.

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  5. Oh those look absolutely beautiful! If you do decide to make a quilt, please post pictures. Pretty please.

  6. They were very inspirational!

    You should make a quilt ;-)

    (although I am kicking myself now for not buying some of that fabric!)

  7. make one make one make one Jeanette! :D

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  9. So pretty, this would look perfect in a granny square quilt (search in pinterest, is full of them).


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