Another Shirt

7:34 pm

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Today has been one of those days where I've had lots of little chores and distractions to keep me busy,but I managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing here and there throughout the day...that's the joy of having my machines set up and ready all of the time.
This shirt started out as a very drab lilac mans shirt,and had been sat in Woody's wardrobe for a long while. First job was to dye it. I used Dylon cold dye in french navy,but due to the 65/35 poly/cotton mix it came out this rather nice denim colour. The shirt was still pretty dull though. (pic below)
Using the same method as the shirt I finished last week,I set about this one,but this time added in some spashes of colour with this remnant of printed cotton. I also changed the buttons.
Only problem is,I got slightly carried away,and it only just does up across my boobs,so I'm planning to wear it undone over a pretty camisole,which I hope will still look nice.


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