A cure for a bad mood

4:34 pm

Finished bag, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

It's July,it's dark ,cloudy and raining...of course! this weather is starting to get me down.
The cure? A bit of sewing with some beautiful fabrics of course!
I used the Ottobre freebie pattern I've used before, this is such a lovely little handbag,and makes up so quickly.
The little bit of sparkle is a brooch I stole from another bag I made a few years ago.
The girls both love it,but it's all mine...now I just need somewhere to take it out to,hopefully in some sunshine?


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  1. absolutely gorgeous bag - but it pales beside your beautiful daughters! India looks so grown up & elegant :-)

  2. she's growing up fast! I don't think I'm ready to be a parent of a teen!

  3. Love the bag, fabrics go so well together - but am even more struck by your two girls - they're gorgeous!

  4. Awww thanks Cybele. ;0)


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