Yummy veggie bake with feta

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Yummy veggie bake with feta, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I'm not much of a cook. I can cook fairly well,but I don't enjoy it,so Woody (who is an excellent cook ) ,does pretty much all of the cooking,(and shopping) around here.
There are days though,when he works late that I have to prepare dinner. I like quick one pot type cooking,so I can get on with other more interesting things.
This is a recipe I came up with one day when we had lots of lightly toasted bagels left over from lunch. I can't stand wasting food,so I chucked them in a big pan with loads of chunky cut peppers,courgettes,red onion,some whole cherry tomatoes,olives and a whole packet of organic veggie feta. (minus the bits I scoffed as I was chopping! ).
Then I poured a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil over the top,sprinkled lberally with oregano,and bunged it in a hotish oven (about 200,I cook everything on 200) for about 20 ish minutes.
The results were surprisingly delicious,so I make it fairly often. Usually I use french bread from my local shop,but I have used yesterdays ciabatta. Really any dryish bread works well,preferably from the day before.
I know it sounds odd,but honestly it's yummy. I make a vegan version for India,she likes garlic in hers,and a little salt sprinkled on,obviously minus the feta.
A few pine nuts sprinkled on are nice too.
Even Woody loves this, (he's not easy to please),and we both enjoy a good glass of chilled Pinot Grigio to wash it down.

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  1. LOL I thought I was the only one who uses 200 degrees for everything! (seems such a failproof temperature...)


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