OK, gormless pic!

3:15 pm

OK, gormless pic!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I really must learn some tricks to looking good in photos, I always just feel so silly...and am usually concentrating on holding in my tummy!
Getting to the point of this post though,here is my latest skirt. This is an Origami Skirt,sooo simple,and pretty effective too I think.
I used some lovely printed knit from Hilco that's been in my stash for some time. I was saving it for another Burda Twist Top,but think it's nice as a skirt too.
I was a little concerned wearing a knit on my bottom half that it might be too clingy,but I made it slightly too large for my waist then used fold over elastic to gather it in a little,giving a little more fullness across my bottom. I didn't bother with a waistband and casing.(which is also why the front piece hangs lower than in the original tutorial on Rostitchery. I could've fixed that with better maths probably)
Probably would look better with heels,but not for getting on and off buses with Sid on my back,which is what I was doing today.

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  1. Ohh, I meant to ask you today if you had made that skirt - it is very pretty.

  2. looks lovely :-)
    I have that fabric maturing in my stash too ;-)


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