It's here!

3:07 pm

It's here!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

My first Spoonflower fabric arrived today. I'm pretty pleased with it on the whole. The colours are much more muted than I'd hoped,but I was expecting that after seeing one or two other pieces floating around the web.
The repeat could be better,but that's all down to my haste in getting something printed.
I'll certainly use Spoonflower again.The service is excellent. I got my shipping notice less than a week ago.
I'm going to wash it later and see how it fairs. the cotton is medium weight,and I think will make a good winter skirt,the colours are certainly autumnal.

Maybe this skirt...

I'm def gonna make this skirt

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  1. Glad you were pleased! I really LOVED your color combo and as soon as I saw it thought, "What a great skirt that would make!"

  2. O yes Jeanette that skirt in your fabric - would be lovely, I can see you in it, with long boots and lovely warm woolly:@}

    making me yearn for autum now!

  3. Hi Kim, yes I love my fabric.It's drying now after pre washing last night.
    I can't wait to have more printed up.
    And LOL Kirsty,with the miserable weather we are having right now,it already feels like autumn!


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