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POP!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

My Dad bought me this machine when I was 15. I think it cost £50 second hand,which was a lot of money to our family back then.
I used it to sew all my teenage clothes,for school and college projects,to make costumes for the theatre I volunteered at when I was in sixth form,right through to sewing for my children and even when starting up my business.
For the last few years it's been in storage. I decided it was time India could be trusted with this machine. She was doing really well, then there was a loud POP followed by lots of smoke!
I think my machine is dead,and I'm very sad.

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  1. OH NO!!!!! :(
    Is it salvageable if you take it to a sewing machine repair centre? It's a lovely looking machine too...

  2. I'm really hoping it can be fixed. woody thinks it's just popped a fuse,maybe got some damp inside while it was in storage.
    I will endeavor to get it fixed,I'm very attatched to it.


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