The blouse is finished!

6:27 pm

Oh dear I look tired, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

So,here it is. My first item from the Japanese sewing books. I've used a cotton remnant for the main part of the blouse,the collar and trim are black silk,and the sleeves are finshed with red bias binding.
I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
I traced the largest size pattern pieces,then added 4" across the bust by slashing and spreading the pattern pieces. I then added another 2" at the centre front,by re shaping the front edge,as that's where I needed the most adjustment.
The darts were placed while the blouse was on my dress form,then double checked on me.
The result is a fitted look I really like. (i just shoulda checked my make up before taking this pic,in dire need of some concealor!)
I'm definately going to make this blouse again.

back view

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  1. Lovely Jeanette, it really suits you. And maybe you look tired, but you also look very young in that photo.

  2. Oooh Cybele, I could kiss you...young!!


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