More daft pics of me. (and my new shirt)

11:09 am

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A friend of mine commented the other day on how brave I was to have so many pics of me on my blog,which got me thinking. I actually hate having my photo taken,I'm not at all confident,and generally just hate looking at the results.
However this is a (primarily) sewing blog,and without modelled pics,what would that say about my sewing? I have considered headless shots,but I don't like those generally least my silly face might distract viewers from my wobbly belly,fat arms etc.....
So anyway getting to the point of this morning's entry,with more daft pics of me,here is my new shirt.
This was Woody's shirt,he wore it for our wedding 3 years ago. You can see a pic here,as I forgot to take before pics. (I'm 17 weeks pregnant in that pic btw,and yes I made my dress.)
Inspired by several threads on Craftster,I thought I'd give this shirt a new lease of life.
I started by chopping off the sleeves,and unpicking the breast pocket,then with the shirt inside out began planning the position of all the darts. again,my dress form came in really useful,with me double checking on myself ocassionally.
After sewing in the darts,I was going to re attatch the breast pocket,but it looked horrible,just stuck over my left breast.
I re shaped the arm holes slightly,then cut little cap sleeves from the sleeves I'd cut off earlier. I attatched these,then using fold over elastic I finished the sleeve/armhole edge with a little stretch to it,to give a slight puff.
I'm quite pleased with the result,and have another one of woody's shirts here waiting for similar treatment.

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  1. The shirt looks great! I wish I had your talent!

    You don't have a wobbly belly or fat arms! :-)

  2. The shirt looks great, what a wonderful way to cherish happy memories, and bring them to your life.

    Mmm I have been pondering your dilema regarding the photos. May I offer my thoughts?

    You appear to be self concious having your photo taken. Do you feel silly? Are you taking the picture yourself on timer?

    Perhaps 'doing' something so the pose is in action may help. Try studying some of your books or mags and get some inspiration. But for eg. 'sat on chair reading book' or 'looking out of window standing' may be a couple of good shots. Have a fun pretend shoot, and you may start to get into it more!

    Also - Perhaps involve the kids as your studio assistants, as stylists and directors, so it's more fun. One could be make-up, another could arrange a nice background etc? All you need to do is relax not be scared of 'posing'.

    I think you look beautiful... and I've seen many naked bodies!!
    The wobbly bits are the best and tell your story :P



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