Sunday, July 20, 2008

I said she'd steal it....

I said she'd steal it...., originally uploaded by indiaeden. I made her a matching hair bobble!

Also today,squeezed in between sewing custom orders and embroidering some towels for my friend's niece who is leaving home,I have helped Eden to make this skirt.

Joint effort

India wanted a pair of her jeans cut into capris this morning ,Eden grabbed the left over legs,and asked me to help her make a skirt.
She did the side seams,and I added the embroidery and FOE.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fabric Cuff

Fabric cuff, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I had a teeny tiny scrap of the lovely dandelion fabric left,and not wanting to resign it to my scraps box,I thought I'd have a go at making a fabric cuff.
I'll admit I'm not really 100% happy with the final result.mainly the lace overlap,and it's a teeny bit too tight. I suspect this one might be donated to India.

Yummy veggie bake with feta

Yummy veggie bake with feta, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I'm not much of a cook. I can cook fairly well,but I don't enjoy it,so Woody (who is an excellent cook ) ,does pretty much all of the cooking,(and shopping) around here.
There are days though,when he works late that I have to prepare dinner. I like quick one pot type cooking,so I can get on with other more interesting things.
This is a recipe I came up with one day when we had lots of lightly toasted bagels left over from lunch. I can't stand wasting food,so I chucked them in a big pan with loads of chunky cut peppers,courgettes,red onion,some whole cherry tomatoes,olives and a whole packet of organic veggie feta. (minus the bits I scoffed as I was chopping! ).
Then I poured a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil over the top,sprinkled lberally with oregano,and bunged it in a hotish oven (about 200,I cook everything on 200) for about 20 ish minutes.
The results were surprisingly delicious,so I make it fairly often. Usually I use french bread from my local shop,but I have used yesterdays ciabatta. Really any dryish bread works well,preferably from the day before.
I know it sounds odd,but honestly it's yummy. I make a vegan version for India,she likes garlic in hers,and a little salt sprinkled on,obviously minus the feta.
A few pine nuts sprinkled on are nice too.
Even Woody loves this, (he's not easy to please),and we both enjoy a good glass of chilled Pinot Grigio to wash it down.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A cure for a bad mood

Finished bag, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

It's July,it's dark ,cloudy and raining...of course! this weather is starting to get me down.
The cure? A bit of sewing with some beautiful fabrics of course!
I used the Ottobre freebie pattern I've used before, this is such a lovely little handbag,and makes up so quickly.
The little bit of sparkle is a brooch I stole from another bag I made a few years ago.
The girls both love it,but it's all I just need somewhere to take it out to,hopefully in some sunshine?


Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Shirt

After, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Today has been one of those days where I've had lots of little chores and distractions to keep me busy,but I managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing here and there throughout the day...that's the joy of having my machines set up and ready all of the time.
This shirt started out as a very drab lilac mans shirt,and had been sat in Woody's wardrobe for a long while. First job was to dye it. I used Dylon cold dye in french navy,but due to the 65/35 poly/cotton mix it came out this rather nice denim colour. The shirt was still pretty dull though. (pic below)
Using the same method as the shirt I finished last week,I set about this one,but this time added in some spashes of colour with this remnant of printed cotton. I also changed the buttons.
Only problem is,I got slightly carried away,and it only just does up across my boobs,so I'm planning to wear it undone over a pretty camisole,which I hope will still look nice.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

More daft pics of me. (and my new shirt)

Front, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

A friend of mine commented the other day on how brave I was to have so many pics of me on my blog,which got me thinking. I actually hate having my photo taken,I'm not at all confident,and generally just hate looking at the results.
However this is a (primarily) sewing blog,and without modelled pics,what would that say about my sewing? I have considered headless shots,but I don't like those generally least my silly face might distract viewers from my wobbly belly,fat arms etc.....
So anyway getting to the point of this morning's entry,with more daft pics of me,here is my new shirt.
This was Woody's shirt,he wore it for our wedding 3 years ago. You can see a pic here,as I forgot to take before pics. (I'm 17 weeks pregnant in that pic btw,and yes I made my dress.)
Inspired by several threads on Craftster,I thought I'd give this shirt a new lease of life.
I started by chopping off the sleeves,and unpicking the breast pocket,then with the shirt inside out began planning the position of all the darts. again,my dress form came in really useful,with me double checking on myself ocassionally.
After sewing in the darts,I was going to re attatch the breast pocket,but it looked horrible,just stuck over my left breast.
I re shaped the arm holes slightly,then cut little cap sleeves from the sleeves I'd cut off earlier. I attatched these,then using fold over elastic I finished the sleeve/armhole edge with a little stretch to it,to give a slight puff.
I'm quite pleased with the result,and have another one of woody's shirts here waiting for similar treatment.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another good post day!

another good post day!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Ok, it's a bit embarrassing how much I've been treating myself lately! Today's post brought more lovliness,this time from Cicada studios.
I fell in love with this dandelion print linen the other day,and while that dropped into my basket so did the little set of fabrics that arrived with it. I think the dandelion fabric is going to be partnered with some beautiful celery coloured silk I picked up from the remnant bin in John Lewis the other day,and become a dainty little bag for me.


I also received two lovely notebooks in the post from Bits For Bairns. I love notebooks,and sketchbooks and have quite a collection scattered around the house.I'm a compulsive list maker so they are full of lists and doodles.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's here!

It's here!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

My first Spoonflower fabric arrived today. I'm pretty pleased with it on the whole. The colours are much more muted than I'd hoped,but I was expecting that after seeing one or two other pieces floating around the web.
The repeat could be better,but that's all down to my haste in getting something printed.
I'll certainly use Spoonflower again.The service is excellent. I got my shipping notice less than a week ago.
I'm going to wash it later and see how it fairs. the cotton is medium weight,and I think will make a good winter skirt,the colours are certainly autumnal.

Maybe this skirt...

I'm def gonna make this skirt

Monday, July 07, 2008

The blouse is finished!

Oh dear I look tired, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

So,here it is. My first item from the Japanese sewing books. I've used a cotton remnant for the main part of the blouse,the collar and trim are black silk,and the sleeves are finshed with red bias binding.
I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
I traced the largest size pattern pieces,then added 4" across the bust by slashing and spreading the pattern pieces. I then added another 2" at the centre front,by re shaping the front edge,as that's where I needed the most adjustment.
The darts were placed while the blouse was on my dress form,then double checked on me.
The result is a fitted look I really like. (i just shoulda checked my make up before taking this pic,in dire need of some concealor!)
I'm definately going to make this blouse again.

back view

Japanese sewing books

Japanese sewing books, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

These gorgeous books arrived this morning from Japan. I've been admiring Japanese sewing books for a while. Most of the ones I'd seen until recently featured understated simplicity,with beautiful detailing,but all styles I couldn't wear with my curves in a million years.
I spotted these a couple of weeks ago here,and simply had to have them. i think I love everything in them,and have even already started making this blouse.

made a start already!

I am having to make a fair few alterations.I'm not a petite Japanese woman,so even the largest size is too small for me,but I *think* I'm getting there.......

(if you click on the pics above it'll take you to flickr and more pics from the books.)

Saturday, July 05, 2008


POP!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

My Dad bought me this machine when I was 15. I think it cost £50 second hand,which was a lot of money to our family back then.
I used it to sew all my teenage clothes,for school and college projects,to make costumes for the theatre I volunteered at when I was in sixth form,right through to sewing for my children and even when starting up my business.
For the last few years it's been in storage. I decided it was time India could be trusted with this machine. She was doing really well, then there was a loud POP followed by lots of smoke!
I think my machine is dead,and I'm very sad.


Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

That's how old my children are now!
Sid was 3 yesterday,we had a lovely day and went to a late night opening at the zoo last night.The weather was perfect for a lazy summer evening picnic,and we practically had the zoo to ourselves too!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OK, gormless pic!

OK, gormless pic!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I really must learn some tricks to looking good in photos, I always just feel so silly...and am usually concentrating on holding in my tummy!
Getting to the point of this post though,here is my latest skirt. This is an Origami Skirt,sooo simple,and pretty effective too I think.
I used some lovely printed knit from Hilco that's been in my stash for some time. I was saving it for another Burda Twist Top,but think it's nice as a skirt too.
I was a little concerned wearing a knit on my bottom half that it might be too clingy,but I made it slightly too large for my waist then used fold over elastic to gather it in a little,giving a little more fullness across my bottom. I didn't bother with a waistband and casing.(which is also why the front piece hangs lower than in the original tutorial on Rostitchery. I could've fixed that with better maths probably)
Probably would look better with heels,but not for getting on and off buses with Sid on my back,which is what I was doing today.