Day At The Coast

8:26 am

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Our day at Grandma's went pretty well really, I can now add a list of places I've got my boobs out to pump to my list of places I've got my boobs out to breastfeed over the past fourteen years!
We had a fun time at Beaumaris Castle, trying to take a family shot was, as always not so easy....

This one is about the best. (note small child stategically placed in front of my post partum belly!)

After trying and failing to take a good shot of Woody with the children, I turned around to see an older couple watching us. I couldn't help but wonder what they saw, a large unruly brood, a family having fun? Certainly not the child that's missing.

I'm a broken record, I know, but every day it hurts, we have fun, a nice day out, some laughs, but it's always there.

There was an historical re enactment group at the castle, and the most gorgeous baby girl, toddler really, about a year old. Just the cutest little thing, riding around in a cart dressed in historical costume, and babbling, just lovely...

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  1. Please keep talking about Florence; so long as you can do that, I can talk about Freddie. make it a mission to trail blaze for me :)

  2. Looks like you all had a good time. I'm sad too that your little Florence isnt a visible part of that picture - but I know from your posts that you carry her with you wherever you are. Of course, just as the people observing you couldnt see her, there may be things about them that you couldnt see too. My mother was talking about her aunt the other day - she said, 'oh she was always having babies..' and described not only a number of miscarriages but a full-term baby that died, in between four healthy children. I never knew that before. And, after reading your blog - and others - it made me wonder about that babylost Aunt and the impact it had on her life...

  3. ahhhh love the photos Jeanette. xxx

  4. oh sweetie she's always there. She's like the air you breathe xxx

  5. I can't imagine it not hurting every day...even amidst the fun and joys of life. There's always someone loved, but missing. What you share, concerning Florence and your family, gives me strength to face my feelings of missing Lyra, and hopefully what will be my family.

    By the way, I think it looks like you have a very fun family...and I'm glad it was a good time that day.

  6. I love that first picture, he looks like he doesn't want to be anywhere other than on his mummy in his wrap.

  7. All your recent pics are just great! From the crazy gang at the castle, to Ernest snuggled next to you and Florence and a very tired looking daddy and son!! They look like two peas in a pod in that sleepy photo shot.

    You are doing an amazing job expressing breast milk for Ernest, it cannot be easy for you. Here's hoping that the feeding situation settles.

    Love and hugs San xxx

  8. I have felt this way *exactly* most of the summer. We've had such a gorgeous, delicious time as a family and yet... I have missed Emma even more almost. The sweetness makes her absence that much more pronounced.

    And, on a lighter note, I love your wrap. What is it?

  9. Jill, my sling is a BB Slen Paprika that I made into a ring sling...the tail is very long and I've tucked it through the rings in these pics.

  10. She may not be a visible part of your beautiful fast-moving family, but she's still there. But I know that feeling, of wanting to put her in the picture.

    You can see why the Victorians (who had so many babies and so much mourning) would make "spirit" photos - where they would add in the face of a deceased loved one into family photos.

  11. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Lovely pics Jeanette :)

  12. I was just about to comment on your BB Slen paprika when I see you already mentioned it here -- lovely. I'm wrap obsessed as well, sonne-rot didy and p/e fische have been good friends of ours since Vivi was born, there's something deeply comforting about having them so close and protected.
    And I feel the same, about the missing child, the untold story. I always wonder what they think. Someone came up to me the other day and said "Oh, a boy AND a girl, aren't you lucky?!" and I cringed, and wanted to tell her the real truth, but she was smiling so big I just let her walk on.

  13. jeanette - how bizarre - we were at Beaumaris over the bank holiday -at the castle, saw the re-enactment, saw the exact same baby in carriage! It's such a beautiful place. I hope you found a little peace while you were there.


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