Visiting Florence

3:38 pm

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Ernest has been with us to visit Florence twice now. I guess it'll be very normal for him to visit his big sister he never knew.
Yesterday he slept cosied up in his car seat while I arranged Florence's roses.
He was sleeping off another hospital visit.
The tongue snip went very well, but more blood samples and general messing about was more than either of us could stand.
There are no miracles yet, but we remain hopeful.
He has at least gained some weight, so things are looking up.

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  1. Yayyy weight gain :o) One day at a time m'love. Take care of each other (he's super cute :o)

    Much love Tracy M

  2. Blergh, hospital visits always suck! Well done you on the weight gain, you should feel proud!

  3. Thought about you lots yesterday. No shame in anything you do... you are doing your absolute best and you cannot do any more than that, eh? After all you would be kind to another mama having difficulties, so please be kind to yourself too.
    Here's praying that, the feeding situation will soon resolve.
    With love and big cyber hugs for soldiering on, San xxx

  4. What a touching picture of visiting Florence. xx

  5. A HUGE well done on the weight must be exhausted hand on heart well done.
    Ernest will share the love of Florence with you all and in time Im sure you'll find a job for him to do on his visits :)
    Take strength in your loved ones & strength from those of us out in in the www who hold you in our hearts.

  6. It sound like things are changing for the better. Florence's marker is lovely by the way.

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  8. lovely, very touching picture of Ernest visiting Florence with you. My word, children - whatever their age - tug at your heart strings so god knows how emotional you must be feeling right now. My big girl moved out of her flat and into her house - we helped her move this weekend. I can't believe that she is nearly 21. I look at her and remember she is my first born... wow, emotions are so lovely....

  9. Sorry to hear it got a bit medicalised at the hospital. Blood tests on tinies are horrid things to go through. Take things slowly and care of yourselves.

  10. oops....*take* care of yourselves

  11. Beautiful photo. Sorry about the tongue snipping, it sounds horrid. Cheers and applause for Ernest and his brilliant weight gain. I'm delighted to hear of it x

  12. I have a photo just like this. So sad this is our reality.
    Glad things are looking up though.
    Very good to hear.

  13. So pleased to hear that Ernest is gaining weight. You are doing a great job, Jeanette. The blanket is darling! Ernest is such a handsome little guy. What a precious baby brother for sweet Florence. Hope all the other children are doing well.

    Love, Carlyn

  14. Sorry to hear you've had such a hard time of it. But yay for weight gain and things feeling a bit better. He is just lovely.

  15. weight gain is fantastic :D so incredibly pleased for you about that :D


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