Thank You

5:42 pm

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Ernest is four weeks old today, and he's actually grown out of something..two little t shirts to be precise. They are washed and folded neatly.
Four weeks and I'm really behind with thank yous. We've had so many lovely cards and gifts arrive over the past few weeks, and I've sent some email thank yous, but still not printed out and sent any cards. Gosh, I've not even had time to send my computer less Mother any photos yet...sorry Mum! (Even though you can't see this.)
So, if you've sent a card or a gift please know it's been greatly appreciated, and I will get around to saying thank you properly just as soon as I can. Meanwhile I hope you'll accept this bloggy thank you.


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  1. I SO SO wanted to send something for Florences Birthday and then for Ernest's arrival. But between Tobias and Brynn and school holidays and then the inlaws being here for a month I've just not been able to.
    Am SO pleased he's grown out of something for you :) xxx


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