Wooly Love

12:10 pm

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I do love a baby kitted out in yummy woolliness. It's bittersweet pulling out things I knitted when pregnant with Florence and then dressing Ernest in them, but oooh he's just so snuggable in these soft wool longies and cardigan.
Making use of the bedside crib for a change too.

For anyone interested both patterns are Elizabeth Zimmermann, the yarn Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

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  1. oooo he does them proud though doesn't he. thanks for posting these pics. whats a bedside crib jeanette? sounds like a wonderful invention xxx

  2. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Yeah! Sweet February Sweater in August ;-)

  3. Anne, a bedside crib has only three sides and fits right up against an adult bed. You can buy them, but we just bought the cheapest crib Ikea make and adjusted it ourselves. Ernest has only napped in it so far, he prefers to be right next to me in our bed.

  4. They are gorgeous and so is he :)

  5. He looks gorgeous in them :-)

  6. lovely patterns and choice of colour. And Ernest looks pretty cute too ;-)

  7. He just looks sooo lovely and very peaceful.

    With love
    San x

  8. Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns ROCK, Ernest looks super sweet in them too. xxx

  9. Beautiful knitting, beautiful baby. I can see how that would be so hard though - he's wearing his sister's hand-me-downs, which she didn't get a chance to wear. xx


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