I knitted a sleeve!

11:19 am

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I don't expect to be back to anything creative yet, quite honestly if I'm showered and dressed by lunch time these days it's a miracle. Goodness only knows how I'm going to cope in September when I have to be out of the house by 8.30!
I generally aim low, and at the end of each day count up the things I have achieved,(getting dressed for example ) and try not to think about the things I haven't, ignoring the dust bunnies and general crud building up around the house, anyway it's the summer holidays the house is meant to be a mess.
I'm lucky really that my big girls are willing to do some chores for small bribes...urmm I mean pocket money!
I have, however knitted a sleeve. Ernest was napping, and I was not attatched to the damn breast pump, and I actually knitted a whole sleeve, ok it was a whole baby sleeve, but a sleeve nonetheless. If I'm lucky I might finish the cardigan I started in hospital before it's too small for Ernest.
I had to put this vest on him this morning because I don't think it's going to fit for long.

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  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Sooo so cute, really!
    I LOVE the vest. If you don't want to keep it once Ernest has outgrown it, remember me *big smile*

  2. Oh he is looking so handsome! Love the vest <3

  3. Aww, what a handsome little guy! I love this vest :) I actually started knitting one for my daughter and never finished it, this sweet picture may just give me the incentive.

  4. Oh thats gorgeous. And I can tell he has filled out a bit too!! xxx

  5. Ohhh he is perfectly gorgeous!
    I love that vest.

  6. Love the vest. He's adorable.

  7. He is a delight. And I love his vest. Wish I could knit more than a dolls neck warmer... xxx

  8. Oh he is ooking more gorgeous by the day, if that were possible. And filling out so nicely too. xx

  9. The vest and baby are both gorgeous!

  10. Your little man is so handsome! How wonderful that he is growing out of things already - you make great milk!

    Love, Carlyn

  11. oh bless him

    he's growing up so quickly! Lovely vest

  12. He looks gorgeous!


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