5:00 pm

Snuggles, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Last of the pic spam for today at least!
Ernest asleep in his fave place, and look , he has Florence grasped in his little hand.

We are being brave and planning a day out at Grandmas tomorrow. I've just packed a bag for Ernest,and just need to test the batteries for my mini pump. Our first day out with him, and our first day out with bottles for a baby..oh for the convenience of simply breastfeeding....

Please keep everything crossed for us, send us happy pumping/feeding vibes and easy journey with no traffic holiday and travelling to the coast...hmmm I can hope can't I?

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  1. That's one of those "perfect" tiny baby piccies - so beautiful.

    I wish you a very happy/easy/straightforward bank holiday of travelling and baby feeding.

  2. Have fun tomorrow. Really hope all goes well :)

  3. lots of good vibes hon (((hugs)))

  4. What a adorable little soul he is x

  5. Fingers crossed it all goes beautifully tomorrow. He is just lovely. And clearly he has some baby-wisdom sense of Florence too.

  6. Thinking of you on your first trip out .... what a lovely pic ...

  7. mmmm he is delicious, its beautiful that he's hanging on to his sister. i hope the roads are clear and the sun shines all day xxx anne

  8. Good luck with it all!
    I can't wear my necklace anymore, as Angus doesn't hold it so gently like that anymore!
    This pic is heartwarming.

  9. He is just so adorable! I'm hoping for you that he one day soon will decide that boob is best :-) Otherwise, hang in there with that pump!

  10. Oh Jeanette, what a Cutie, he's gorgeous! I love the bath pic:-)hope today went ok, i bet it was exhausting for you! You're so brave. Hope you get a good rest tonight and sending love, as always xxx

  11. Hope you had a good day.


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