the dawn that woke me this morning.

5:06 pm

the dawn that woke me this morning., originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Each morning the sun streams into our bedroom, sometimes just for a short while before the customary clouds blot it out.
Each morning as those sunbeams peek through the curtains or light up the bathroom as I shower, I whisper a good morning to Florence.
I've done this since that morning two years ago when stood crying in the shower I was suddenly bathed in golden autumn sunlight.
This morning the dawn light was glowing so brightly it woke me up. My little girl, dancing light across the sky and calling "wake up Mama".
It's nonsense, but it doesn't matter, it eases my heart.

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  1. hugs, not silly at all xx

  2. Oh, that is a beautiful dawn Jeanette. And it isn't silly you feel what you feel and there is nothing wrong with that ((hugs))

  3. It's not silly at all. It's gorgeous and beautiful xoxoxo

  4. Love and beauty.. I love each inch of it. What a beautiful ritual that is often greeted with a morning like this one...

  5. Not silly at all. I love how the Florence wakes you each day and says good morning.

  6. Not silly, just a soul from beyond the clouds reminding you of their eternal presence.

    Love and hugs

    San xx

  7. Not silly at all. Our daughters are so beautiful - it is unsurprising that we should find them in such beauty.

    It is sunsets for us - a goodnight benediction from Emma.

  8. No, not nonsense at all. And that sunrise is stunning, thank you for sharing the photo with us. xx

  9. Not nonsense at all. In fact this eases my weary heart as well.
    Beautiful Florence.


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