A rare treat

3:29 pm

It's not often we get to eat out as a family, finding a restaurant that suits us all as a vegetarian and vegan family, isn't always easy. (Not to mention the expense of eating out with such a large hungry brood to feed!)

This weekend though we decided it was time for a treat, and since my birthday was on Thursday and India's is this coming Tuesday, that seemed reason enough to try the Vegetarian and Vegan Bistro 1847 in Manchester.

I emailed ahead and booked a table easily online.
The waiter who met us at the door was really friendly and despite us being early led us to our table and brought us drinks.

The bistro is small, but doesn't feel crowded. The high ceilings and large windows give it a more spacious airy feeling, as do the ornate mirrors.

We took advantage of the three courses for £15 offer, Sid had half size portions for £7.50, but honestly they didn't seem half the size at all. Not thinking Ernest would eat much we asked for an extra plate for him, so he could graze all of our food. (We were right, he just nibbled bits here and there, then fell asleep in Woody's arms, missing dessert altogether.)

I think between all six of us ordering we managed to sample at least half of the menu. And there was lots of swapping of forks and tasting going on.
It was so lovely for India to have a choice of vegan options for every course.

mushroom pie
wild mushroom spinach and potato pie (vegan)

Highlights include the pancake with goats curd and nasturtiums starter that Eden ordered, and the warm hemp apple muffins with green apple sorbet that India ordered for dessert.

chocolate tart
chocolate tart (vegan)
The chocolate tart was also delicious, so much so that woody wouldn't believe me it was vegan!

We will definately go again, next time we'll order the other half of the menu.

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  1. Happy birthdays - that all looks a-maz-ing.

  2. Happy belated birthday Jeanette.

    If I've read then posting right then my newborn grand daughter shares your birthday! She was born on Thursday at 1:05 pm! I was priviledged to be at her birth.

    Your scrummy treat meals and birthday tea at home looked lovely.

    san xx

  3. Congratulations San!What wonderful news. x

  4. There's a Bistro 1847 round the corner from me in Chorlton - we went recently with friends and the food was delicious and the portions huge.
    Your birthday tea, the other day, looked good too.

  5. Oh that chocolate tart looks delicious!! Happy Birthdays!


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