Quick cheery spring makes.

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Spring is finally springing here in the North West, but it's still chilly, and I like to keep warm with light layers. Scarves are really great for adding a layer at this time of year.
I've been helping India and Eden prepare for the Teenage Market that's taking place in Stockport tomorrow, and while sorting fabrics for India decided to make myself a couple of new scarves.
Both are infinity style, ie loops of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. Mostly I simply loop them round a couple of times, more if my neck is chilly.
The first is a lightweight drapey chiffon. the second a gorgeous cotton lawn.
Both are simply long strips of fabric with one long seam, turned right way out, pressed and the shorter ends french seamed.


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  1. Love those scarves, just right for keeping warm on cooler days and so uplifting to look at.

    San x

  2. I love them! (especially the second one!)


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