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sewing nook, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Having a large family in an average sized semi detatched house means my sewing space has shrunk with each child's arrival.
Way back when the girls were small, and Angus was just a baby I had a whole room at my disposal, then I moved into the dining room, then up to the loft, then back downstairs again, and now I'm back up in the loft but in the tiniest space.

Yesterday this little nook looked like this:


The chest of drawers has found a new home, and I switched desks with Eden, bringing this tiny desk upstairs.
My overlocker is under the desk, but I can bring it out and use the larger desk behind me if I'm working on larger projects.
To the right of the desk is a large space under the eaves, that's where I store all of my fabric and notions and rather a lot of other things too.
Maybe I'll give you a tour of that space when I've tidied it up!

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  1. It is tiny lol. But better than no space at all. I have clawed back a corner for my desk too, its great to have a little bit just for me :)


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