The bodgers guide to upcycling

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I am a huge bodger when it comes to home decor and diy. I think it's because I have so little time in which to do all the millions of things I want to do, that I tend to rely on bodging some things so that I can concentrate on other more enjoyable activities like sewing.
Over the easter holidays I've been spring cleaning and having a good sort out. There have been several trips to the recycling centre (also known as the tip!), and there is currently a mountain of items in my hallway waiting to go to the charity shop.
I've swapped furniture around between rooms, and "gone shopping" around the house for pieces I can re use or upcycle.
One of those pieces is this old piano stool. I picked this up about four years ago for free from the church we used to hold Manchester Slingmeet, (Slinging In The Rain) in. Ian, the minister was giving away all sorts of items that would otherwise have ended up dumped, and I snagged this stool. I gave it a quick clean up and re cover at the time, but was never very happy with it.


Yesterday I decided it was time to give it another overhaul. I started by giving it a clean, stripping off the old cover and giving the wood a light rub down with some sand paper.
I then gave it it's first coat of egg shell. I used Homebase Sanctuary brand egg shell in Aloe, simply because I had a pot of it to hand.
I waited for that to touch dry then added a further two coats waiting for each to dry before adding the next. I wasn't particularly careful about my paint application, in fact in places I left it quite thickly coated, but not so much that there would be runs.

Once the paint was dry I used a selection of wire brushes and sand paper to distress the paint, paying particular attention to the corners and to the carved detail on the front and back of the stool.
I should have, at this point then used some clear furniture wax to protect and highlight the details, but I couldn't find any in the cellar, and really didn't want to shop for this project. (I may buy some wax in the coming week and give it a rub over if I think it needs it.)

With the paintwork complete I raided my fabric and haberdashery stash for a fresh new cover. I bought this lovely printed cotton at Sewing For Pleasure a couple of weeks ago, and the ribbon I used to finish off was from a bargain bin in Abakhan a year or so ago.
I started by cutting some quilt batting to size to bulk out the top of the stool where it has sunk a little. (again, batting scraps from stash). Then laying my fabric across the stool, and holding in place, Woody used the staple gun to secure it to the stool. We started by securing the middle and edges of one side, before stretching across to the other and securing there. (My corners could been neater).
Once the fabric was secure, I used my hot glue gun to attach the ribbon.
 I'm pretty happy with the final result.



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  1. You should be happy, that's a lovely result. The fabric is gorgeous.

  2. Bodger?! It looks mighty fine to me! The likes of Ikea and Dunnes have been bodging for years! I think it looks great!

    Bundana @


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